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Katherine Franks brings a uniquely Australian voice to her novels. In her newly released second novel, she has taken one of Australia’s most idyll locations; a favourite holiday spot for thousands and turned it into your worst nightmare.

Katherines first book, Beneath the Red Dust, has sold thousands of copies in Australian and America. Katherine writes fast paced thrillers and Aussie mysteries. Katherine has a Masters degree in Politics and has worked as a University Teacher, Governess, Policy Advisor, Fruit Picker and Social Worker. She has four children and lives in one of Australia’s most picturesque locations – Queenslands Sunshine Coast.


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The First Wave

The first wave is an edge of your seat thriller set in the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia. What starts as an ordinary day fast turns into a disaster, with the fight for survival pushing Amy Jacobs and her husband Mark to lengths they never thought possible. 

Impossible to put down from page one, the first wave takes you to the Sunshine Coast of Australia, and asks can ordinary people survive extraordinary events?

Beneath the Red Dust series

Beneath the Red Dust takes you to Australia's outback.



An Outback Noir Novella

The Windorah Job

The Windorah Job is the first book in the Beneath the Red Dust Series.


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Katherines books invoke a sense of Australia, taking you from the rodeo circuit to remote stations to long stretches of white sand beaches. Check out her books today