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Would You survive?

The first wave is an edge of your seat thriller set in the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia. What starts as an ordinary day fast turns into a disaster, with the fight for survival pushing Amy Jacobs and her husband Mark to lengths they never thought possible. 

Amy starts the day like most days, pulling on her sneakers and taking her baby and 4-year-old in the pram along the ocean boardwalk. She has no idea that today, her entire world is going to change. Somewhere off the coast a sudden submarine landslide has caused a massive tsunami, the likes of which Queensland has never seen.

Amy’s husband Mark is getting a haircut at Marcoola when he gets the emergency text to head to higher ground. With nothing but flat ground as far as the eye can see, he and his barber make for the only high ground around - the penthouse of the holiday apartment building.

Gazing out the window of her Brisbane office building, Nikki Bush is contemplating her next coffee when she suddenly notices strange readings on the Bureau of Meteorology’s deep sea buoys. Realising a tsunami is imminent, she begins the emergency warning protocol, knowing that the communities on the ground don’t have enough time to evacuate. Powerless to stop the unsurvivable weather events, Nikki must battle bureaucracy and her own lack of confidence in order to be believed and warn the public. 

Impossible to put down from page one, the first wave takes you to the Sunshine Coast of Australia, and asks can ordinary people survive extraordinary events?

The First Wave is an edge of your seat thriller set in the beautiful Queensland Coast that you won’t be able to put down. Katherine Franks brings a uniquely Australian voice to her novels and in her second novel, she has taken one of Australia’s most idyll locations; a favourite holiday spot for thousands and turned it into your worst nightmare. 

The First Wave 2020: Welcome
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