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Devil Tree Road

Every New Start Needs an Ending

Jasmine Apple is a thirty year old woman who has left her overbearing husband for a new start with her five year old son in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. She has spent her entire life doing what everyone else wants her to do, now its her time.

But as soon as she arrives at Devil Tree Road, her new start begins to look like a false start.

The house her father left her is practically a bunker, National Parks accuse her of dumping toxic waste, questions are raised about her fathers accidental death and then, strange things start to happen.

Hugh Samson is a local from way back. He has worked for National Parks since he graduated, but hasn't had a promotion in years - he likes his life as is. So, when Jasmine moves in next to his regeneration site and he finds a massive waste dump, she rocks the boat of his easy life. Only problem is, she makes him feel things he hasn't felt in a long time.

With themes of conservation, connection to place, community and beginning again, this is your must have holiday suspense read.

Devil Tree Road 2021: About Me
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